Organisations are increasingly exposed to emergent threats and risks in the course of doing business. New modes of working offer opportunities and flexibility to employees and employers alike, however the right controls must be in place to safeguard the business from any associated risks.

Grant Thornton offers a full suite of fraud risk assessment services to clients. In order to take the appropriate corrective actions to mitigate against risks, it is critical to understand the nature of these threats to properly identify them in the first place.

Our experienced team of Forensics Accountants assist clients in assessing real risks to their organisation, from the first instance when a threat is identified, right through to the implementation of controls and ongoing process monitoring.  This continued monitoring and risk assessment on an ongoing basis is a core part of our approach.

Our services

Helps clients create a culture of awareness and self-valuation.

Assist client to identify what frauds or potential fraud that could occur.

Identify patterns, consider controls e.g. staff training.

Review, investigate, understand why and how a fraud occurs.

Assist clients to implement a process to monitor progress.

Why Grant Thornton

Our Fraud Risk Assessment team provides a comprehensive range of services to clients. Incorporating cutting-edge forensic technology and data analytics tools on all projects, we leverage our depth of experience of fraudulent incidents to offer our clients a thorough assessment that adds value to their business.

Additionally, our team of specialists can help you to implement the appropriate corrective actions to mitigate your risk of exposure to fraudulent activity.