Businesses today are increasingly dependent on the movement of employees around the world for their international expansion strategies. The COVID-19 global pandemic has highlighted the importance of employee mobility for many businesses, and employers and employees alike are embracing new modes of remote and hybrid working in an increasingly dynamic workplace.

While international talent mobility plays an increasingly important role in any successful global business, it brings with it a new set of challenges, risks, and opportunities. The prepared business can exploit these opportunities with the right knowledge and advice and can effectively mitigate the risks they face in successfully navigating a course towards properly managed talent transfers.

Key questions any transnational organisation must address include:

  • How will our growth strategy change and adapt to global challenges and requirements?
  • How is the business coping financially? Is our business model agile and flexible with achievable goals?
  • Can our workforce adapt to remote working?
  • What are some of the hidden risks of actions we are taking now in relation to Global Mobility?
  • How has the tax landscape changed for my business in Gibraltar?
  • Am I compliant with new tax, audit and employment regulations?
  • How will I manage my payroll and pensions of my redeployed employees?

Why Grant Thornton?

Our team of experts here at Grant Thornton provides a full range of professional services and advice to employers. Whether you require assistance in performing employment tax compliance reviews, or your business demands bespoke global mobility strategies tailored to your specific needs, we work closely with employers at every stage of the staff lifecycle thereby ensuring that all decisions are made giving consideration to both compliance and tax efficiency.