Recent years have seen major developments in the global tax landscape. Many of these changes have been driven by increased government regulation and agreements implemented by supranational authorities such as the OECD, EU and the G7. This trend is expected to continue apace in the coming years, particularly on foot of the OECD and EU’s progress in the implementation of a new minimum global tax rate.

Many companies today must adapt to these ever-changing global tax regulations which can exert a significant impact on both cross-border and domestic tax obligations. Our globally savvy tax experts can help you navigate this dynamic landscape while staying both compliant and appropriately structured while operating across multiple jurisdictions.

Why Grant Thornton?

Working closely with Grant Thornton’s global network of experts, we provide a seamless multi-jurisdiction service offering, ensuring clients have an appropriate tax structure in place that accurately reflects their operations. In a world where disaggregating a company’s tax and operational presences is increasingly challenging, Grant Thornton’s approach to managing your international tax obligations can add value to your business.