In an increasingly dynamic business world where both ordinarily resident employees and trans-national staff alike must comply with local and international personal tax regulations, it is imperative that all employees get their personal tax affairs in order.  Grant Thornton Gibraltar provides a range of services to individuals whether they are staff members, self-employed or indeed High Net Worth Individuals.

High Net Worth Individuals:

Grant Thornton can help you navigate the right channels to personal tax compliance for HNWIs with minimal fuss. 

Category 2 Status (CAT 2)

Our team of specialists can prepare and submit a CAT 2 status application to the Gibraltar Finance Centre on your behalf, and we can also advise on and process bi-annual payments on account to the Income Tax Office (ITO). We have a wealth of experience in completing and submitting full annual tax returns to the ITO, further minimising your burden.

High Executive Possessing Specialist Skills Status (HEPSS)

Our experts can also walk you through the HEPSS status application with the Gibraltar Finance Centre and can assist in the process of preparing and filing your full annual tax return to the ITO.



For those self-employed, Grant Thornton offers a range of personal tax solutions.  These services include preparing and submitting relevant documentation to the ITO and Ministry of Employment; advising on and processing bi-annual payments on account to the ITO; and preparation and submission of full tax returns to the ITO on your behalf.

Ordinarily resident

Our team can assist ordinarily resident individuals in completing and submitting full annual tax return to the ITO. 

Related services

Grant Thornton has the knowledge and experience when it comes to applying for a local civil registration / residency card, and can advise generally on all personal tax related issues in Gibraltar.

Why Grant Thornton?

Our team of personal tax advisors have an unrivalled depth of knowledge and expertise in handling all your compliance requirements in a professional manner. Whether you need assistance with your CAT 2 status application as a High Net Worth Individual, or more general day-to-day tax preparation services and advice, we are here to help.

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