Getting your personal tax affairs right is critical not just in terms of maximising and protecting wealth for you and your family, but also in ensuring you are compliant with an increasingly complex web of domestic and international tax requirements.  Striking the right balance is a critical consideration for many high-net-worth individuals, shareholders, overseas domiciled individuals, trustees and family units alike.

Grant Thornton’s experienced team of specialists can help to steer you successfully through a range of tax-related challenges.

Whether you are establishing a business in Gibraltar, moving to or from the jurisdiction, transferring wealth, or need help with residence and domicile issues, we offer advice that can help you minimise the burden that taxes, including income tax, may have upon your personal wealth.

Our team seeks to build a strong relationship based on trust with all our clients, and all our services are tailored specifically to your needs allowing you to meet your own compliance requirements in a tax efficient manner.

Our Services

  • Tax Residence and domicile reviews;
  • Personal tax compliance and advisory; and
  • Partnership tax compliance and advisory.