In any project requiring forensic data analytics- be it an investigation, regulatory or compliance review, or expert witness assignment- one of the biggest challenges lies in accessing and analysing the relevant data in a timely manner. This issue is further compounded by the fact that the volume of data typically held by organisations grows at a rate of 40% per annum.  

Forensic Data Analytics (FDA) is a useful tool that can be implemented either proactively- in fraud prevention- or reactively when investigating any fraudulent activities that have already taken place.

FDA is increasingly deployed to assess, manage and mitigate the risks facing organisations and to identify potentially fraudulent instances which may have already occurred. Modern investigative techniques and analytics are utilised to inspect data in order to identify any anomalies or patterns that can pinpoint instances of fraud of poor internal controls.

Our services

Our team of specialists offers both proactive and reactive Forensic Data Analytics to meet your specific requirements.

Forensic Data Analytics is embedded in the suite of services we provide from investigations through to expert witness assignments. This allows our experts to identify the key issues arising from the information provided by clients.

Our experienced team have assisted clients with Forensic Data Analytics solutions in the following instances:

  • Fraud detection and management;
  • Regulatory proceedings;
  • Bribery and corruption;
  • Financial statement fraud;
  • Asset misappropriation;
  • Quantum loss estimation.

Why Grant Thornton

Our team provides customised forensic analytical solutions that are tailored specifically to meet our client challenges. The Forensic Data Analytics team builds on their analytics and accounting expertise, coupled with a depth of industry experience to provide timely and effective solutions. We work closely with our colleagues on the eDiscovery and Cybersecurity teams to ensure a holistic approach to all investigations carried out.