Developments in the cyber landscape suggest that the reality is that it is not “IF”, but rather “WHEN” an organisation will be hit with a data or Cyber security breach.

The increasingly sophisticated methods employed by cyber criminals and hackers means that even the most prepared organisations are not immune from these emergent threats. In many instances, organisations themselves are oblivious to a breach until well after it has occurred, leaving them at risk of further damage.

Our Services

Our Cyber incident response service team establishes exactly what happened in the first instance, before initiating the process to recover any stolen assets and fix the security vulnerabilities initially identified. Our bespoke tools have been developed to the highest standards, and we maintain an extensive database of previous and current threats and dark web activities to ensure clients are up to speed on any potential threats and how they may impact the client’s business.

A series of iterative processes characterise the incident response process, ranging from identifying the nature of the incidents to implementing enhanced security measures to mitigate any future incursions.

Why Grant Thornton?

Our team of incident response experts handles dozens of cyber incidents every month. This can  range from basic email hacks right through to large-scale cyber fraud. Our specialist team responds instantly to all incidents, ensuring firstly that the attack is mitigated, and then in determining what exactly happened and how to prevent it happening again.