The Grant Thornton FS Consulting team have a wealth of experience across a wide range of issues. From banks to insurance companies, the FS Consulting team have branched into all areas of Financial Services. Our FS Consulting team can help you with an array of issues, and guide you through the journey.

Our team’s is highly qualified in areas including Prince 2, Agile, Change Management, Lean Six Sigma, ACA, and QFA.

Our services

Our Strategy & Operations (S&O) team comprises of four main client services;

  • Strategy Design & Development: Beginning with the establishment of a vision and culminating in a roadmap for strategy implementation, we facilitate the development of all steps of our clients’ strategy design and development process.
  • Target Operating Model Design: Our team of dedicated operating model design experts enable clients to move from their current “as-is state” to a desired “future state” target operating model to meet the ever-evolving internal and external pressures facing financial services organisations.
  • Business Process Improvement: We have a team of LEAN specialists, supported by a robust Grant Thornton tailored process improvement methodology, which we can deploy to review, streamline or enhance processes to create efficiencies by removal of pain points or by automation support.
  • Change Management: Through its extensive Change Management experience, we support clients to align their stakeholders in order to promote and create change whilst supporting the implementation of change activities.

Organisational change is a constant in today’s world, whether driven by customers, markets or technology. However, despite the increasing level of investment in projects and programmes, a large number fail to deliver.

By establishing a solid project management foundation in your organisation, you’ll be equipped to deliver your projects effectively.

At Grant Thornton, we have a team of highly experienced programme and project managers with the leadership capabilities to successfully manage and support your high-profile strategic initiatives. Our Project & Programme Management team support clients by: 

  • Programme and Project Managers: Our team provide on demand experienced project managers that can be utilised on a project by project basis.
  • Project Management Office (PMO): We provide support on establishing new PMOs, operating a PMO or advising how to optimise an existing PMO.
  • Project Portfolio Management: We can coordinate and control management of your full portfolio of projects.
  • Project Health Checks and Recovery: We undertake project reviews and provide corrective plans to get your project back on track.
  • Project Management Consulting: We provide guidance and advice in all aspects of project management from the roll-out of project management methodologies to training for project stakeholders.

Our Data & Solutions (D&S) team comprises of four main client services;

  • Analytics & MI:
    • We develop bespoke reporting tools to manage workflow and allow seamless segmentation, automation, control and management of your data. We appreciate that properly processed and managed data are assets that can be used to drive insights.
    • Our approach, together with our bespoke tools and lessons learned through our longstanding engagements with our clients, equip us with experience to deliver the best Management Information & Reporting experience.
  • Bespoke Solutions & Process Automation:
    • We have tailored software to meet a diverse set of needs from data remediation, complaints management, process automation and workflow processes.
    • We specialise in the delivery of quality cloud based and on premise platform solutions. These tools can be mobilised quickly to allow business to eliminate manual process, operate efficiently, track changes, monitor workflow and control data in a secure, scalable environment. 
  • Business Architectural Solutions:
    • Our Solutions Architects use their deep technical knowledge, architecture experience and communication skills to help further our clients ambitions to be a leaders in their respective industries.
    • Our team focus on comprehensive data centre solutions that integrate components such as cloud networking, interconnection, storage platforms and disaster recovery. Our clients business objectives and strategic goals play a key role in the solutions we offer.
  • FinTech and RegTech:
    • The Financial Services industry often finds it capital intensive, resource intensive and a lengthy process to bring new products and services to market prompted by Business or regulatory change. Our team’s goal is to enable Financial Services Providers (FSPs) to innovate and test in a safe and secure environment at reasonable cost.
    • By working with the Grant Thornton, FSPs can reduce time and risk in bringing innovative products to market by leveraging our insights, network and multi-disciplinary team. 

Grant Thornton’s Workforce Solutions teams’ primary goal is to support our Financial Services clients across any resourcing challenges they face.

Our clients challenges are generally, but not exclusively, driven by: new projects; expected activity spikes; and internal resourcing challenges. Our typical engagements and capabilities are:

  • Credit Risk Assessment;
  • Loan Sale Transactions;
  • Complaints Management;
  • Customer Service Support;
  • Resource Augmentation; and
  • Documents and File Due Diligence.

We have a significant resource pool available to support clients across all service lines in FSA. We employ a proactive approach to hiring and training our staff with relevant Banking qualifications, including Qualified Financial Advisory (QFA) and AML qualifications, which enables us to quickly augment our clients’ internal teams, assisting with urgent key deliverables by providing them with fully trained and qualified resources.