Businesses across every sector in Gibraltar are keen to develop their competitive advantage through leveraging data and new modes of digital information. 

Organisations are increasingly attempting to harness data for many reasons, whether that is to create personalised services and targeted marketing campaigns; or indeed to drive productivity and efficiencies within the firm’s operations. With digitised data increasingly embedded across business practices, it is critical to stay informed of key developments and to see where these can be exploited to organisations' advantage. 

In addition to the new opportunities offered to companies by digital information, the risk associated with storing and working with personal data also creates vulnerabilities and interdependencies between two previously separate threats – data privacy and security. While data breaches can arise from a cyber-attack, the data privacy implications of such an attack are considerable. 

Our Services 

  • Privacy and Data Protection
  • Cyber Security
  • Incident Response

Why Grant Thornton? 

Never have the issues of data privacy and cyber security been more interlinked. In the data-driven world of today, cyber security and data considerations cannot be viewed in isolation. Grant Thornton provides a range of solutions to the digital risk issues facing organisations today. Our highly-qualified and experienced security experts can assist by advising you on your specific requirements, giving you peace of mind that your cyber risks are minimised. 

Our Digital risk

Cyber Security

The Grant Thornton Cyber Services team of specialists can help your organisation defend against attacks, recover from them, and minimise the damage caused by the attacks, all while keeping in line with regulatory obligations.

Incident response

Our team of incident response experts handles dozens of cyber incidents every month. This can range from basic email hacks right through to large-scale cyber fraud.

Privacy and Data Protection

The Grant Thornton Privacy and Data Protection team has witnessed a sizable increase in demand for solutions to the growing issues in the privacy landscape.

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