The exponential growth in the volume and variety of data in recent years has generated a huge increase in demand for advanced analytics services. The field of legal discovery is perhaps the most striking example, witnessing growth in the volume of data held and processed by an estimated 40% annually.

In recent years, new technological developments have facilitated the presentation of exhibits in near-paper or “image” format. Due to the advent of native and near-native document production techniques and the nature of electronically shared information, increasingly the legal team may be required to present exhibits in native format. Grant Thornton has a breadth of experience in delivering paperless courtrooms across a number of jurisdictions.

Our Services

As Grant Thornton’s eDiscovery team only employs technology and infrastructure which is wholly owned by Grant Thornton, clients can rest assured that their data is 100% protected at all times and is safely inaccessible to any third parties. In addition, our experts can offer a bespoke service, tailored exactly to your eDiscovery needs.

Why Grant Thornton?

Our eDiscovery specialists have a breadth and depth of experience when it comes to dealing with a range of engagements, be they national, international or regulatory projects. Our specialists are highly trained and qualified in a broad range of subjects including Digital Investigation, Forensic Computing, Cybersecurity, Law and Business. Grant Thornton’s experts frequently lecture on cutting edge forensic courses at academic institutions and professional accounting accreditation bodies internationally and have also developed material for postgraduate courses on eDiscovery.

Grant Thornton’s maintains close partnerships with many developers of leading eDiscovery tools including Nuix, Relativity and Exterro Access Data ensuring all tools are developed with client requirements in mind.  Furthermore, the Grant Thornton Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity Laboratory can develop custom forensic tools and software in line with client requirements.

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