Payroll Services

Whatever the size of your payroll we offer first class services to remove the burden of this essential administrative task.


Our dedicated team will ensure timely and effective salary payments as well as complying with all reporting requirements to the relevant authorities such as:


  • Monthly PAYE & Social Insurance contributions
  • Form P7 (annual certificates for employees)
  • Form P8 (end of tax year returns)
  • Form P10 (benefits in kind declaration)
  • Form P12 (pension scheme contribution declaration)


We guarantee absolute confidentiality and ensure that work is executed in a timely and accurate manner to avoid any penalties that may be incurred for the late filing/payment of any of the above.


A company’s payroll is fundamental to your business and can become increasingly complex due to the changing tax and employment legislation as well as the administrative procedures.


We have vast experience is managing payrolls to accommodate adjustments and deductions such as pension, holiday, bonuses, sick pay, loans and maternity meaning that transferring your payroll to us will ensure that you can concentrate on the more productive aspects of your business as well as avoid having to train staff in house, dealing with the sensitivity of the information being handled and computer software and upgrades.