In an environment of increasing focus on internal control we can help you document and test your financial reporting systems, achieve effective and efficient operations and meet compliance requirements.


Every organisation manages risk and relies heavily on internal control to help to minimise this risk. Many may assume that controls over financial reporting processes are designed and operating effectively without ever really testing them out. However, managers are now increasingly asked to show evidence to support their views and this is where Grant Thornton International’s tool can help.


In this era of increased scrutiny on corporate governance, Grant Thornton International has designed a software product, Voyager to help understand, document, evaluate and test your internal controls. In addition to meeting professional requirements, this software also enables us to provide you with comments as to how important internal controls could be strengthened.


Voyager has a wide range of applications – it has the scope to deal with a large company audit and yet can also be used just for specific areas of a financial statement audit in small companies.